Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sock Bunnies


Aren't they just too cute?!

To make this craft you will need:
  • socks (I used baby socks that Thomas grew out of, but I couldn't bare to throw away!)
  • rubber bands (2 per bunny)
  • dry rice or beans
  • ribbon
  • felt (optional)
  • fine tip marker/pen
First, fill your sock to the cuff with dry rice or beans. Now tie a rubber band around the top. Mentally divide your sock into thirds and place another rubber band around the top 1/3 of your soon to be bunny.

Now you have made his/her head.

You want to cut the duff of your sock in half and kind of round out the tops to look like bunny ears.

From here you just dress him/her up. Add a pretty ribbon and the eyes, nose and mouth. I used felt pieces for the eyes and nose, and used a thin marking pen to make the the mouth. They look very happy on top of my tv.

Oh, and my rubber bands were not white, so I used a little white-out to cover them up. You could of course use a little paint.

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