Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mommy Crafts A....

Stocking Hanger Board

Okay, it is way too late to making Christmas crafts, but this is one I bookmarked so long ago and it is of my favorite ideas!!

I got a cabinet door from the Habitat Re-Store here in Mechanicsville. I grabbed some gold and burgundy paint and found a font I liked on line. Since I don't have one of those fancy cutters like all the other crafty mom's have...I had to paint mine by hand.

I used Gracie's pretend waitress pad and used the carbon paper to make the words outline on the board. Then I filled them in. Pretty ingenious huh?!

Now, the craft calls for door pulls. Do you have any idea how expensive those things are?! Well, I decided I would use nails and laminate these hand painted "peppermints" and just hot glue since it was so close to Christmas. I figure next year I will pull it out and add the drawer pulls to make it look fancier.

Of course it worked just fine. But, the stockings are a little close together on it. But, since I got a new sewing machine for Christmas--I think it is time for new stockings next year!!

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