Friday, November 12, 2010

Stain Glass Leaves

K, 6 & Up

This activity is definitely for older children, I would recommend Kindergarten and up.

To make this craft you will need:
  • Contact paper (clear)
  • Tissue paper in fall colors
  • Leaf pattern print out (or hand drawn)
Cut out a square of clear contact paper and lay it over top of a leaf pattern print out--sticky side UP (you are using the pattern under the clear contact paper as a guide for your kids). Have your child tear off small pieces of tissue paper and stick it (as flat as they can get it) to the sticky contact paper, staying inside the pattern (the best they can).

Once they have finished their colors you will need to place another square of contact paper over top of the finished tissue paper. Carefully stick and smooth the contact paper on top of the other piece.

Then, using the same pattern they used, trace with a pencil the shape on to the contact paper.

Your or your child can cut out the shape.

You can add a hole punch and hang with string, or do like I did and just tape them to the window. These look so pretty in the afternoon sun!

Mommy note:
Another variation I have seen on this craft is to cut out the leaf shape with black construction paper and cut the middle out so it looks like a frame (you would need two of these). Stick the pattern you just made to the contact paper and the kids fill in the middle with tissue paper like above. This makes it easier for the kids to stay inside the pattern I am sure. Then, you lay the other leaf pattern on top of the bottom one hiding any scraps that weren't "inside the lines" and top with another square of contact paper. The kids and I may try this version in the weeks to come, and I will be sure to post the outcome and let you know if it was indeed easier!

Below are some leaf patterns to get you started:

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