Sunday, February 13, 2011

Candy Airplanes

Mommy Craft

It was a late night as I finished these up for Gracie's first grade classroom tomorrow--but they were so worth it! I am thrilled at how darling they came out.

This idea was a Family Fun idea, and was pretty simple to put together.

To make this craft you will need:
  • Smarties candy
  • Lifesavers candy (of any kind)
  • sticks of gum (any kind/flavor)
  • Small-Med sized rubber bands
I got the assorted bag of rubber bands from Walmart for $.98 and found plenty of the perfect size.

First, unwrap your lifesavers. Leave everything else in their packages! Pick two lifesavers, these are your wheels. Thread the rubber band through both wheels. Hang on to the ends--don't let go. Now, carefully place a Smarties candy in between the "wheels" and on top of the rubber band. You haven't let go of the ends have you?! Now, open the end of one rubber band and slip through on end of your piece of gum Once that is secure, stretch the other loop of rubber band over the other end of the gum.

Ta da! The rubber band is a bit tricky, but you will get the hang of it in no time.

I actually found this idea on one of my craft blogs after GiversLog offered a free printable to go at the end of the airplanes. These totally make for the complete package!

You can find the free printable here.

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  1. How did you attach the Happy V-Day tag on the ends of the smarties??