Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Peek-A-Boo Cup

Toddler, Pre-K

My toddler thought this craft was super fun. I let him do the coloring, and I did the assembling. Of course, then he got to make the groundhog pop up and down, and that was clearly the most fun part of all!

To make this craft you will need:
  • A disposable cup (Styrofoam, paper, etc)
  • 1 popscicle stick
  • Groundhog template (see below)
Now, I got creative and decorated my cup with strips of construction paper to make dirt and grass and such. But you can let your child color or paint the cup, or even leave it plain.

Cut a small a slit in the bottom of your cup, just long enough for your Popsicle stick to poke through. Glue the groundhog head to the top of your stick. I let my child color both pictures (the template has 2 on the same page) and I put on on each side of the stick, so no matter how he was holding it he would see the furry little friend's face.

Click here to get the groundhog face printable.

Click here to get the poem that goes with it (I cut and glued mine on the outside of the cup) This template also has grass that your preschool child can use for cutting practice.

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