Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seuss Lunch

Okay, I had tons of ideas for a fun Seuss lunch to pack Gracie, so I will just share my ideas and maybe you can use some...or all.

Oh, and I found pictures on the web of the books/characters that went with the food names, so I made my own circles and added the pictures and a fun description of each item. Gracie loved it, and so did her teachers!!

She had:
  • Pink Ink Drink (pink lemonade)
  • Green Eggs & Ham (ham and crackers from a lunchable--I brushed the crackers with green tinted milk to color them, and placed a small circle of cheese on top of the cracker to make it look like an egg yolk)
  • Cheese Trees (the cheese from a lunchable that I cut into trees with a knife)
  • Red Fish, Blue Fish (colored gold fish crackers)
  • Who Pudding (Vanilla instant pudding)
I also packed her a granola bar for snack time and covered it with a paper Cat in The Hat hat.

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