Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversation Jar

Mommy Craft

I came across the most fun idea the other day when I was going through my favorite craft blogs: a conversation jar!

The idea is to print off fun topics for you and your family to talk about.

My kids talk plenty, but it is usually me talking to them about kid things, and then me talking to my husband about non-kid things. This was a great way to start a fun family discussion.

Okay, "discussion" is a stretch--but it is a neat idea.

I found a container at the Dollar Store, and I printed out a label that read "Conversation Jar." I allow my 6 year old to pull a strip of paper out of the container at dinner time. We each take turns answering the family friendly question on the paper.

Follow this link to see the list of fun questions. Of course you can create your own. I copied the questions and pasted them into a word document and then cut each question and folded it up and dropped it into the container. I also looked over the list and took out any questions that didn't pertain to our family, or I thought would be too confusing for my daughter.

This is one idea that is super easy, and you will want to give a try with your family!

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