Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Family

Mommy Craft

This is a simple and fun craft to display in your home! I found the idea from a Dollar Store blog--so it is super inexpensive too!

To make this craft you will need:
  • 5x7 frame ($1 at Dollar Store)
  • White construction paper (or you can get fancy and find a snow scrapbook paper)
  • 1 white glove (they have these at the dollar store, but I couldn't find white. I paid $1.50 for two pairs of white gloves at Walmart) **NOTE: you need one finger for each family member, so you may need 2 gloves, or even 3..whew!
  • Glue
  • Felt, fabric of ribbon scraps
  • Permanent marker
  • White felt
Take the back off your frame--use this as your guide and trace the outline on the white construction paper. Cut out and glue to the back. Here's your snowy back drop. Now, cut out the fingers on your white glove. Arrange your family the way you want. The shortest finger would clearly be the smallest member, the longest finger the tallest...etc.

I glued my felt on first, but didn't like how the bottom of my snow family looked where I had cut the glove, so I ended up peeling it back and tucking them inside. So you may want to glue your family on first, and then add your felt snow, or just don't glue the top of the snow until you have them tucked inside.

Now, glue on your snow. I just free handed some felt "hills" of snow to give it dimension, but you could cut straight across.

Use felt or ribbon or even paper scraps and add noses, scarves, etc to your family. I used ribbon for my scarves, felt for the carrot noses, and I used a thin permanent marker to make the eyes, and coal mouths. The idea of cutting out all of those tiny pieces didn't appeal to me, and I think it looks pretty good this way.

Add your family's name to the top and "ta-da," a super cute snow family to match yours!!

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