Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Body Can

Toddler, Pre-K, K, 6 & Up

My toddler and I are working on identifying body parts, and like most moms I enjoy recording all of the little things he can do at each stage of his life. So, I made up my own fun worksheet for us to do together, and for me to save!

He LOVED showing me what he could do with each of the body parts I called out!

"Thomas, what can you do with your hands?" He claps!

I have no idea how to embed a document into my blog, so I am just going to "snap a picture" of it and post it. You are welcome to use it for yourself and your own growing sprout. Click to enlarge the picture, then "save as" and save to your computer. You can put it in a Word Document and enlarge and print, or if you are better at using the picture printer on your computer--you can do it that way too.

I have included one for girls and one for boys.

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