Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Games

Toddler, Pre-K

I needed a fun way for my toddler to play with apples this week, and I stumbled across these two very fun game ideas.

For these games you need:
  • Cut out apples. I cut out some red, some yellow, and some green apples from construction paper. I also laminated them for future use. (well, I use contact paper)
  • Cut out worm on brown construction paper. I just free handed this worm and laminated as well.
Game 1:

Hide the apples around the house or room and let your toddler or preschooler find them.

Game 2:

Lay the apples out on the floor and hide the worm under one of the apples and let him or her find the missing worm by turning the apples over.

Mommy Tip:

I turned these two games in to many more with my Thomas. Since I used three different color apple shapes we worked on sorting, and we worked on counting and colors. Talk about a multi-use activity.

The above picture shows my laminated apples that I put up on Monday for this week. I wanted a place to store the apples when we weren't using them, plus a I wanted a way to show the different colors and for him to be able to count. So, I got the idea to make an apple tree. The board and the plastic clips came from the Dollar Store. I painted a bushy green tree and hot glued on the clips (15 for $1 and much safer than the old fashioned wooden ones!). Thomas has had a ball playing with these apples today. I think I will recycle my idea and make a new board for next week and turn it into a pumpkin patch!

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