Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Pre-K, K, 6 & Up

I can't believe I had never made these before! What a cute and simple idea, and of course the colors add more "fall" to your home.

With all the crafting the kids and I have been doing this month, I didn't realize I had used up all my orange construction paper! So, I made a mini-lantern with a half sheet of orange scrap paper I later found. We did made some full sized lanterns with white paper and made them into ghosts--but I not only liked the pumpkin better--I like the mini size better as well.

For this craft you will need:
  • Orange construction paper (try tearing it in half if you want to make a mini one like I did--shown above)
  • Green construction paper
  • Glue stick or tape
  • Scissors

Fold your orange construction paper in half, long ways.

Start about a inch and a half from the end and cut lines from fold to open edge leaving about an inch and a half uncut at the top (see diagram it shows you better than I can tell you). Make sure you leave another inch and a half at the other end of your paper as well.

When you open the paper, glue or tape the solid ends to each other. (Tape seemed to better for me)

Cut a strip of green paper to make the lantern handle, and glue to each side at the top.

If you use a half a sheet of construction paper use the same instructions. I think they are such an adorable size!

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