Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spider Snack

Toddler, Pre-K, K, 6 & Up

These cute spiders are a fun way to have a healthy snack and celebrate fall, or hallween, or bugs in general. There are many variations on this neat idea, so use your imagination!

For this snack you will need:
  • Round crackers
  • Peanut Butter
  • 2 Raisins
  • Pretzel sticks

Put peanut butter on one round cracker. Add your pretzel stick legs on each side. As I have mentioned before, spiders have 8 legs, but good luck getting that many on those small crackers :) Spread a little peanut butter on a second cracker and add to the top of your legs. ( You can also stuff the cracker extra full of peanut butter and just stick the pretzels in the sides after you close the crackers together) A small dollop of peanut butter on both raisins will make them stick to the top of your cracker sandwich and make adorable eyes.

Serve with love.

Mommy Tip:
Pretzel sticks are much easier to use with this craft! I only had the twisty little kind, so I broke off straight pieces. It did give the legs some dimensions, but it made the crackers a little more "bumpy" and I had to be extra careful when putting the top on.

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