Monday, October 4, 2010

Handprint Spider

Toddler, Pre-K, K

This activity is great for all ages!

I wish I had done more hand prints with both of my kids. If your child can sit still or be held and you don't mind painting their tiny hands with washable paint--I say strip them to their onsies and go for it.

For this craft you will need:

  • black paint (washable is best!!)
  • paper of any kind (the thicker the better)
  • permanent marker--black
  • 2 adorable hands

*Note: most people will tell you to lay down newspaper before you start the craft, and you can and should if you don't have a table that can be easily wiped down with a Chlorox wipe like mine can. I will however warn you to wear an apron. Not the child--you! If you are working with a toddler or younger you won't be able to control their hands until you can wash them or wipe them thoroughly with a baby wipe. And the paint is washable, but you will have to change your clothes, because you will be covered in their adorable and possibly flailing hand prints.*

The idea is simple. Have your child spread their fingers and make two vertical hand prints meeting at the edge of their palms.

Once your child's hand prints are DRY, take a permanent marker and make the eyes and mouth. you can do scary or cute. (I prefer all things cute in this house :)

I dressed my child's hand print up a little with an added rhyme.

Mommy Tip:

Your child's hands are covered in paint, lay out an extra piece of paper and get them to stamp some of the excess paint off on the clean sheet. Now you not only will have the craft, but you will have a hand print copy by itself. You can send this print (or prints since both hands are wet you could do two) to grandma or for dad's office, etc.

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