Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spider Week

Gracie and I just did arts and crafts and projects all of the time, but now that I am a mother of two, I am finding it harder and harder to create those educational and bonding moments with my year old son while sister is at school.

So this month I sat down with a calendar planner (I found at the Dollar Store) and just started writing down some ideas of things to do with him.

Clearly he has very little focus, and an even smaller attention span, so I looked for things to do with small hands, and small supply lists, and even smaller project times.

I found myself grouping the projects and ideas in to themes (you will find I am a person that will beat a theme to death!!!).

Since it is October and I love fall, the ideas are flowing like rain, but I warn you in months to come I may be a little slower to add ideas.

But, back to this week. Thomas and I are starting our mommy and me playtime with spiders!

Come Play With Us!

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