Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Caramel Apples

Toddler, Pre-K, K, 6 & Up

I am not a huge fan of caramel apples (or giving my kids sugar ;), but when I found this idea, I just had to give it a try!

For this snack idea you will need:
  • Apple(s) I just used 2 for my family. If you have more kids, you will want more apples
  • Melon baller
  • Caramel for melting
  • Pretzel sticks or thin popsicle sticks


Mommy Notes:

The woman who made the original idea has hers looking so much prettier than mine. I did not have a metal melon-baller, and my plastic one was struggling, so I used a metal measuring scoop spoon. It is a really cute, and easy snack to make, and you can add nuts or other toppings. Her caramel looks better too, it may be the brand I used, or that she melted pieces, and I just bought a tub of ready to microwave and dip caramel. However they look, just enjoy making them and eating them too!

Here is what the original idea looked like that I based my apples on.

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